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TSW Guide

Complete reference to guide and help you choose your Allegiance and Role on this amazing Massively-Multiplayer Online Game, T.S.W., with a unique modern-day setting and unparalleled freedom of character progression.

Includes a complete guide on Crafting, a very rich and complex part of the game. Master it, is fun.

Even if you are not tied to any build deck, and you are completely free on choosing your Skills and Abilities (one of the great things of this game), the prebuild decks are crucial to show you a path and not misspend Ability Points. Here you can see the outfits you will receive when completing a deck, the weapons you will use, role to play, skills and abilities of each deck. There are 11 decks per faction, and each deck is exclusive for each faction, so you have a total of 33 different decks.

PS: TSW is a really good game, as an experienced player on MMOG I strongly recommend it, it’s a new experience, you won’t regret it. With this game I lost respect for a lot of reviewing places that gave it a low/bad rate, I almost didn’t try it because of some of them. Try it and you will see, they constantly give away free playing days.


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